La Verga Group LLC is a group of successful young men and women who have come together for the greater good. Using their unique and sometimes unconventional  processes to establish success in a variety of ventures. La Verga Group LLC is a consulting and coaching group with a wide range of knowledge in business and investments. From Real estate to Technology to Private Consulting, this young company has created success and  is determined to take your idea or business to the next level or partner with you to build your dream into a reality.

The real estate market has become the focus of our group due to the market conditions and high demand for consultation in this field. We are proud to have come together with a  nationally ranked CPA and financial planner who is leading the industry. Our network has expanded and we are able to offer funding, guidance and variety of solutions for your business and real estate funding needs. As Always, depending on your personal goals and ideas, we are here to get you started or take your already successful business to the next level.






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